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ESL and EFL Administrators Hiring Practices


A second-year doctoral student Aram Ahmed and Chris Montecillo Leider, Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics, College of Liberal Arts led a Roundtable titled An Investigation of ESL and EFL Administrators Hiring Practices: Does first language status matter?  at the American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) 2023 Conference in Language and Ideology (LID) and Teacher Education, Beliefs, and Identities (TED) in Portland, Oregon. Their presentation discusses their study which examines similarities and differences of hiring practices in ESL and EFL settings. They explore how language status might impact administrator’s ELT hiring practices. Aram and Dr. Leider focused on the following research questions: What background characteristics do language school administrators prioritize in their hiring practices of language teachers? What differences and similarities are there in hiring practices between administrators hiring practices in and outside the United States?

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