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PD in NYC: Support Linguistically Diverse Students


UMass Boston Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics Chris Montecillo Leider with her colleague Assistant Professor Program Director, English Education Christina Dobbs at Boston University (BU) is leading four-part of Professional Development (PD) with New York (NYC) middle and secondary social studies and English as a New Language (ENL) teachers. Dr. Leider visited NYC and led two in-person professional development and two online with teachers to support linguistically diverse students. Dr. Leider and Dr. Dobbs will share their “brief” with NYC teachers about using their culturally and linguistically responsive writing feedback framework.

Dr. Leider shares: “This project is in collaboration with my very good friend and colleague, Dr. Christina Dobbs at BU. This PD is also based on an article we published in NCTE’s English Journal (someone from NYC reached out to us after reading our article and invited us to do this project). The article is available here for open access and we also were invited to do a short blog post for NCTE blog after the article came out.

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