4.2 Teaching and Learning about Racism and Empathy


Room: Healey Library, LL, P2

Teaching and Learning in the Time of Ferguson
The death of Michael Brown and the events that followed, and continue to follow, in Ferguson, Missouri make it clear that any talk of a “post-racial America” is, to put it politely, premature. How, then, might Ferguson and its unfolding effects affect our pedagogy, affect what we teach in the composition classroom and how we teach it? How might it affect learning, since this situation provides teachers with an extraordinary opportunity to learn from students? Using their experiences in the classroom, the panelists will explore these and related questions, hopefully provoking those who attend to share their thoughts and experiences with each other.

Presenters: John Hess (English), Joseph Ramsey (American Studies), Alyssa Mazzarella (Academic Support Programs) Mitch Manning, Hallima Ibrahim, Janice DaSilva, and Marissa Fragoso (students)

Surmounting the “White Looming Mountain of Hate:” Teaching Empathy Through Intersectional Pedagogy
The presenter investigates the potential of postsecondary literary instruction to encourage and cultivate empathy in college students; informed by the works of Paulo Freire, Gloria Anzaldua, and Richard Wright.

Presenter: Sarah Kinne (English)

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