1.3 CIT Spring Seminar for Non Tenure Track Faculty: An In-Depth Look into Teachers as Co-Learners

Room: Healey Library, LL, CLI (Center for Library Instruction)

This panel will enumerate the special experience of attending the CIT Spring NTT Seminar where participants shared and incorporated teaching methods and practices. Tara Ashok, NTT seminar facilitator will highlight the planning process and implementation of the experience for the 2014 and 2015 NTT seminars. Faculty participants will each share one aspect or change that emphasizes their experience as co-learners in the seminar and/or classroom.

Presenters: Tara Devi Ashok (Biology and Anthropology), John Hess (English), Judith Griffin (Gerontology, CPCS), Victoria Kingsley (English), Valentina M. Urbanek, Jerrilyn Quinlan (Gerontology Institute), Carol Sharicz (CAPS, Dean’s Office), Margaret Vaughan (Psychology)

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