1.2 Using Case Studies and Objective Structured Exams to Enhance Learning

Room: Healey Library, LL, P2

Using Video-Augmented Case Studies to Teach Students’ Clinical Reasoning and Communication Skills
Video-augmented case studies are used to facilitate nursing students’ clinical reasoning and communication skills that are essential to promote patient safety. These case studies generate classroom discussions about professionalism and effective communication skills to meet patients’ needs.

Presenter: Janice Foust (Nursing)

Objective Structured Clinical Examination [OSCE] in Advanced Practice Nursing [APN] Education
The presenter shows how by using simulation, the APN student can be evaluated within the expanded practice role in a safe, controlled environment. This practice enables students to increase the complexity of their understanding as well as their autonomy, the hallmarks that differentiate advanced practice nursing from basic nursing practice.

Presenter: Teri Aronowitz (Nursing)

Watch Video:  https://vpc1.umb.edu:8443/ess/echo/presentation/6a0494a3-7808-4b29-9d4a-5928c8ca417f