I'm Lena Tong

I’m Lena Tong

A little bit about myself!!!

Lena Tong

Hello! My name is Lena Tong. I graduated from Excel High School. And next year, I will go to Northeastern University. I have been in the Urban Scholars program for three years. I love being a part of Urban Scholars, also exciting being a part of MLK Scholars. I am a technology person, so I love to use my computer to create things. That I am so glad that MLK Scholar gave me two years of experience in using technology. MLK Scholars is an excellent program for students with a very friendly and comfortable environment. The faculty and staff form close bonds with the students, and it’s as though we’re all family now.

Urban Scholars helped me a lot. was a pretty reserved person who feared speaking my mind. However, over the years, I have met lots of people that give me a lot of lessons to believe in myself. To be a more confident, outgoing person who can express their feelings better.

I am really ecstatic to be a part of the UMass Boston-IT internship to gain new skills that I will be able to put to use in my life, meet incredible people, and discover more about myself.