MLK Scholars FrameVR Project, Summer 2021

MLK Scholars FrameVR Project, Summer 2021

Hello everyone, my name is PhuongAn Bui and I am currently a rising senior at Excel High School. This is my second year here with Urban Scholars.

Hi everyone, my name is Hong Ly. I am also a rising senior at Excel High School, this is my third year in Urban Scholars.

Hello, I am Lena Tong. I will be a senior this fall as well. Like Hong, I have been with Urban Scholars for 3 years.

Hello, my name is Ngan Vo and I will be a freshman at Umass Lowell this fall. This is my third year at Urban Scholars

Group Project

created by PhuongAn Bui, Lena Tong, Hong Ly, and Ngan Vo, Summer 2021

We are so glad that we have the opportunity to intern at the IT Department at Umass Boston and work on a team project together using the FrameVR platform. It is such an amazing tool that provides us an interactive virtual place to communicate and hang out with each other.

image of the market in FrameVR

We have decided to rebuild the most tourist-attractive night market in Vietnam, Hoi An Market. We want to bring the beautiful aspect of our Vietnamese culture to you and we indeed have tried our best to provide you with a realistic experience at Hoi An market.

Second image of the market in FrameVR

Hoi An night market is located in the Old Town in Hoi An on the river’s edge. There are many food markets that are fresh at good prices and many gift stores. As you walk, you will be able to see the buildings with long histories across the river.

So here in FrameVR, you will create your own character, with the options of android or human. You will be able to move around the virtual place and add your items to decorate and personalize your frame.

As you can see, this is the Hoi An night market digital version that we have built. Next to the market, you can see the river with a pretty light reflection on the water. We also added sound to make you feel like you are actually at the market

You can see some little shops here, we have fresh fruits and fish. We also have our favorite food at the next stall, it is called Bun Bo Hue (Beef Rice Noodle). It is very tasty. The lady in the red dress is the owner of this little restaurant. We also have a place to sell tea and candies in our virtual market.

Image of food at the market in FrameVR

Moreover, the night market is lit up by hundreds of beautiful colorful paper lanterns. This is the most unique and significant factor that makes this market popular in our country.

The reason why we placed many motorcycles here is that motorcycles are the most common vehicle that Vietnamese people use in the country. In the market, you can see a mixture of people walking and driving their motorbikes. It looks dangerous but the people driving their vehicles inside the night market will always lower their speed and carefully move their vehicles to avoid accidents.

We hope through this you were able to somewhat experience some aspects of our Vietnamese culture.

Individual Projects

PhuongAn Bui’s Project

Because of the pandemic, the way we use to interact and communicate with each other has changed. Everything is now virtual. In my opinion, online classes have been very overwhelmed.

image of PhuongAn Bui's FrameVR

My idea is to create a virtual place with real experience for people and specifically students. This virtual cafe shop provides a place where people can hang out and study together. With all the decorations, I hope to have a real experience at a cafe shop and make people feel more comfortable.

PhuongAn Bui's virtual coffee shop in FrameVR

In addition, I have added a few human and robot figures to make it more lively. Personally, I think FrameVR is such a wonderful tool to virtually meet and hang out with your classmates, teachers, and co-workers.

Another angle of PhuongAn Bui's coffee shop in FrameVR

Lena Tong’s Project

I like cats so much and I hope that I can visit a cat cafe in real life. To fulfill this hope, I created my own cat cafe for myself by using the frame. I’m so glad about that.

Cat cafe image 1 in FrameVR

Cat cafe image 2 FrameVr

This is my cat coffee shop. It is called “ The Cat Cafe”.

Cat cafe image 3 FrameVR

I like to create things and Frame has given me an opportunity to do that. I’m so happy about it.

Hong Ly’s Project

Virtual island in FrameVR

This is an island that I created when I was inspired by games and from the feeling of comfort, freedom, and peace when imagining myself on an island. I named it “The Imaginary Island”.

Virtual island coconut trees in FrameVR

I decorated it with houses and some island items like boats, docks, and wooden water jars.

Virtual island alternate view in FrameVR

Creating this island and decorating it is fun, exciting, and not boring at all. It’s like a decoration game where you can be creative and make your own things. Like I created my own island using