Skating Your Way!

Skating Your Way!

“ Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.”

– Nina Dobrev.


Image of the roller rink with neon lights.

Roller World is a skating rink in Saugus, MA and a big part of the Urban Scholars Program tradition. There is a trip there every summer.

Image of shelves of skates at Roller World.

Through the Urban Scholars Program, I have been there every summer since I joined my freshman year of high school.

A TA helping a fallen TA up off the ground.A fallen urban scholar student trying to get up.

Above are images of two of our TA’s (Teaching Assistants) enjoying themselves, laughing as the Red Team TA helps up the Orange Team TA; along with one of the students within the program picking herself up off the ground.

Roller World has always been a perfect place for bonding, a very familial environment. There were multiple groups there that evening but the Urban Scholars Program was by far the most well-behaved, and this isn’t me being biased.

Students helping TA skate.

It was also a great learning opportunity, the roles between the TA’s and the students were reversed; the students were teaching the Blue Team TA how to skate.