A Game of UnoStacko!

A Game of UnoStacko!

It’s Competitive,

It’s Nerve wracking,


Here at Urban Scholars, students participate in afternoon activities. This was game of Uno Stacko. The game is a mixture of Uno and Jenga, so the same rules for both the games Uno and Jenga apply. For the game you must take out blocks from the 3rd row and below.

For example if you take out a red #2 block the next person can either take another red block or another #2 block. The circle sign means that next person loses a turn. The blocks with 2 cards shown means the next player will pick out 2 blocks to remove instead of just one. The blocks with 4 cards means the next player will have top pick out 4 blocks instead of 1.

up close of uno stacko

This is an up-close picture of the Uno Stacko Blocks, which reminded me of the leaning Tower of Pisa!

UnoStacko gets Competitive

The players’ facial expressions shows the intensifying steadiness they need in order to not drop the tower.

the students concentrate on their move

Uno Stacko gets super competitive, and the other players make sure the player does not make a mistake that would cost them the game.