The Orange Team members are sharing their personal ideas on their team names.

Welcome Scholars And Returnees

The Urban Scholars Program started on July 9, 2018, for their annual, six weeks summer program. Getting there, there were a lot of students who were happy to see each other once again. They were  excited to do  activities like team competitions, workshops, and field trips including six flags! For the first day of the program we interviewed staff and scholars regarding their expectations towards this summer.

Jancly a TA (Teacher Assistant) of Urban scholars at UMASS Boston proclaimed that, “I expect the program to run fantastically and smoothly. The staff have worked really hard to provide their student with a well structured summer program. I just want the students to enjoy, learn from morning classes, build bonds during team competition, and experience new development skills that will help them at school and throughout their lives”.

students standing outside in a circle.

The Blue Team was brainstorming about their team name but were not close to the other teams.

A focused girl sitting in the classroom brainstorming Ideas.

Carla is focused in team discussion and paying a close attention to what her TA’s have to say.

A boy sitting close to a tree

Junior gives his own idea about this year’s program. As an intern and TA (Teacher’s Assistant) he believes that the program connect  students, TA’s and Staff.

A group of students accompanied by their TA's to come up with their team name.

The Orange Team members share their personal ideas on their team names.