Project REACH students make their way to the Campus Kitchen's garden at St. Christopher’s church in harbor point.

Project REACH last class: Garden Day

Project REACH students make their way to the Campus Kitchen’s garden at St. Christopher’s church across the street from Harbor Point.

Students cross the street on and by the crosswalk.

Student in the bottom right of the photo bounces basketball. The background shows students gathering up together on the side of the church.

Students start gathering around the side of the church before they get a run down of the day’s activities.

A clump of students stand together with their backpacks in front of garden.

Students gather around instructor and snacks by the garden.

Students gather together in groups on the right while some students stand on the left waiting for rest of group.

Students listen to the TAs and instructor so they know they know where to go.

The last student in the back of this photo reaches in to look at the plants while his peers walk to see the rest of the garden.

Students start making their way through the garden.

Student stands and looks and garden while instructor bends towards the garden and shows student what roots are planted.

Daphney shows students what roots are planted in the garden.


Students in the background wave while one students jumps in the middle!

Student photobomb students in the background #PersonalityPhoto

Students stand in rocky empty parking lot by the church with the garden. Students in the middle are in front of the cooler and the box of snacks, while the students on the side leave with snacks or enter waiting for snacks.

Students gather up for some healthy snacks and seltzer water!

Jessica, blonde hair, sunglasses and blue tank top stands next to Daphney on the right who's wearing peach color blouse with sunglasses sitting on top of braided hair which is put in a bun.

(Left to right) Jessica and Daphney stand together last class after four weeks of teaching students about gardening and the importance of health and nutrition.