Project ALERTA in class

Project ALERTA in class

Last Wednesday, Lisa Link (my supervisor) and I gave Project ALERTA a visit to see what the students were up to this summer after lunch and this is what we got (students playing  interactive math games on the iPad to build stamina) We hope you enjoy I captured!

Students in yellow ALERTA t-shirt are focused and are sitting in the classroom with eyes glued on iPad.


Left side of the classroom captures back of students while they are facing front of the classroom using iPad.

Under "foods" written on the chalkboard are two lists: Organic and Non-Organic. The organic section has bullet points that say: 1. cost more money 2. Naturally grows 3. No chemical. The Non-Organic list has bullet points that say: 1. Cheaper, 2. less healthy and 3. grows with chemicals , pesticides

Students learn about different types of food!

Students sit in the classroom on their iPads while the teacher assistant walks around the seats to answer any questions the students have.

The left half of the classroom shows half of an ALERTA classroom with the students in their yellow t-shirts. The right half of the photos shows a purple door with a piece of paper that says "Green Stars" with name of teacher, TA and a icon of a green star.

Sneak peak into the “Green Stars” classroom!

About half students in the picture are writing thank you cards to a teacher while other half of students are using the iPad for their usual activity.

Students in the “Green Star” classroom wrote thank you letters to teacher who is leaving.

Back of third ALERTA classroom that we visited. On screen of the iPad shows a red screen with numbers in bubbles.

Students play interactive math game on iPad to prepare for following school year in a fun way!

Students face the classroom in their fun yellow t-shirts!

How are you learning this summer?