Guest in the middle wears t-shirt that says: "Where children learn and play-- as equals." while students run.

CAMP SHRIVER on ‘Runner’s Day’

Staff member wears t-shirt that says "Where children learn and play-- as equals." talking to other mentors in front of students.

Guest athlete, in the middle wears t-shirt that says: “Where children learn and play– as equals.” while students run.

Students line up along the gym lines with their mentors in the read t-shirt.

Students wait for instructions from guest athlete visitors.

Students and mentors run together to first station.

Students take off to the first station!

Students are in the middle back of the gym doing mountain climber exercises on the ground!

Students run into second station to do mountain climber exercises!

One student makes his way back as coach stands in the middle encouraging him to continue while another student waits for him on the other side.

After running a loop, students wait for each other at the line in where they started.

Students in blue, pink and white t-shirts take off to the left side of the gym.

After a couple rounds of running from the right side to the left side, the students switched it up and ran from opposite sides.

Guest visitors give high give to student after running.

Students get encouragement from guest visitors after exercise.

What keeps you going?