Welcome back activity with Project REACH

Welcome back activity with Project REACH

The woman in the middle in the photo above, is Sadie, who is an entrepreneur. Sadie has her own jewelry business, she works with minerals from the earth, also known as crystals. The students are making her signature bracelets from the different materials she brought in!

She brought in beads, crystals and coral rocks. This purpose of the activity was not only to create a form of art but also to create something meaningful that gives off positive energy of love and prosperity.

Two students sit on couch. Student on the left looks into camera while student on the right smiles.

“Jojo” and Jocelyn after sharing their journey leading up to Project REACH!

During activity time, I had the opportunity to talk to two students about their experience with the program. I learned that Project REACH brings students from different ends of the academic spectrum together to prepare them for the following school year. A lot of the students come in with walls built up, shy and aloof but it turns out the students have a lot more in common than they anticipated when students saw familiar faces! As time goes, the community grows through the different classes, activities and workshops that Project REACH provides. The program definitely scored a win!

I can’t wait to see how both of the students, the activities and the program overall evolves!

Until next time.

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