Project REACH students take on "Food Deserts"

Project REACH students take on “Food Deserts”

Back of students entering a classroom.

Project REACH students walk into classroom for a community meeting after lunch.

Students are sitting and talking to each other as they wait for the community meeting to start.

Students sit and wait for their peers to arrive before community meeting starts.

"Food desert" displays on screen as students sit in the back and watch their instructor define and explain what words mean.

Project REACH students sit and get introduced to the term “food desert.”

Students stand in a clump on the left side of "Take a Stand" activity slide by the Strong Disagree side.

Students stand on “Strongly Disagree” side when statement “Everyone can get access to healthy food.”

Students stand on left side of the room across from the "Disagree" and "Strongly Disagree" side.

Students from the opposite sides of the room agree with statement “Everyone has access to healthy food.” saying “people choose to eat what they want.”


Students all look in the direction of the board.

Students tune in to see the dichotomy in the infographics that show how many grocery stores there are around Boston vs. how many corner stores are in and around Boston.

Chart of what food security looks like in America

Students unpack what food security looks like in America.

Are you ready to unpack the disparities in what holds some communities back?

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