Lynn and Yuri model for the financial aid picture.

Interns Goodbye Note

Goodbye note to blog readers from Lynn and Yuri:

Yuri made his name tag for his office!

Yuri made his name tag for his office!

We will be starting our first year of college in this upcoming fall. Yuri is well recognized among the Urban Scholars staff and his supervisor for his incredible skills in photography. Yuri is going to Fitchburg State University to study Film and Video production to continue to pursuing his passion!

Yuri thinks that the best things he got from the internship are all the connections he made with a lot of different people. He also liked the experience of having a real job because he knows what to expect if he ever wants a to get a job in the same field.

Lynn who worked alongside Yuri (making sure Yuri did his tasks) is staying at UMass Boston to explore her interests. She is going under the College of Liberal Arts to explore more classes before committing to a major. She is really excited to finish her first semester and go study abroad as many places as possible!

Lynn modeled for the financial aid picture.

Lynn modeled for the financial aid picture.

What Lynn liked about the internship is experiencing what it’s like to work in an office. She also liked the flexible work hours and attending her summer class. Lynn learned that it’s both odd and fascinating how people’s interaction with websites can be tracked with tools such as Siteimprove to help the web designer improve them.

As an intern for the IT Web Services, it’s important to communicate and manage your time wisely. The two of us managed a blog about five summer programs at UMass Boston. We also did a lot of work on Siteimprove to make sure that the UMass Boston website ran smoothly for everyone using it. There were a lot of errors to fix , literally there are hundreds and hundreds of errors.. But it’s not that bad! We didn’t only sit in the office all day doing Siteimprove. We also took pictures of different summer groups around at UMass Boston and posted them on the blog.

Advices for the future intern(s) when they take over the blog:

  1. Stay in touch with all of the five programs.
  2. Reach out to the programs in-person! Don’t rely only on email.
  3. Know their daily basic schedule and where they’re located.
  4. Ask for their calendar overview of the month and knowing when the program starts and ends.

We are thankful to have an opportunity to work in the IT department for the summer. It such a wonderful chance that we get to work with a lot of cool people and especially some of the staff from the summer programs that welcomed us with open arms!


Lynn and Yuri