John Hancock MLK Scholars Interview

John Hancock MLK Scholars Interview

This week, I had the chance to speak to a student who is a part of the John Hancock’s “Martin Luther King” Summer Scholars. The MLK Summer Scholars is a program that offers students great job opportunities. Urban Scholars received funding from John Hancock’s MLK Summer Scholars program to pay recent high school graduates for internships at the UMass Boston campus.

One intern I had interviewed is a very bright student who is now in his second year of college. Steven Clifford is a former Boston Public School student who is now attending University of California San Diego. He is currently majoring in human biology with a pre-med track to become a pediatric oncologist. He is very optimistic becoming a pediatric oncologist, even though it will take a lot of time and hard work.

“I cannot see myself doing anything else besides becoming a pediatric oncologist,” Clifford said.

With Clifford’s passion for science, he had an opportunity to be part of the Biology Department at UMass Boston this summer, interning in the biology lab in McCormack Hall.

“I get to see the work it takes to set up and prepared labs, which interests me,” he said.

After the end of the internship Clifford will be flying back to the University of California San Diego to continue his dream of becoming a pediatric oncologist.