Project REACH's Career Symposium

Project REACH’s Career Symposium

On Friday, July 26, the Project REACH (Talent Search) Program held a college and career symposium for their students. UMass Boston staff members spoke to students about career options in their own professional fields and also provided an interactive and engaging breakout session. There were speakers covering career fields in education, science, and information technology (IT). Students learned how medicines were developed and tested and they saw what the inside of a computer looked like. They were also able to touch the equipment and learn about some of the main components and their functions. This was the first time students who attended the IT session have seen the inside of a PC.

Two UMass Boston career specialists conducted a fun Jeopardy! career game.  Students were placed in teams and had to communicate with their team members before they buzzed in with their answers. Some of the teams were very competitive.

The day ended with a showing of the documentary A Place at the Table, which looks at hunger and the hunger disparity in America. This was a continuation of a service learning project led by Campus Kitchen at UMass Boston.  The film was followed by a discussion. One of the students named Keurin said, “I learned a lot about science and food insecurity. I learned that food insecurity is when people don’t have enough food to eat or they don’t have any help from the government. Also, I learned that one out of six people in America is food insecure.”