Greetings From Tramel Griffith

Greetings From Tramel Griffith

My name is Tramel Griffith. I am a recent graduate of TechBoston Academy, and in the fall of 2013, I will be attending Saint Michael’s College. I will be majoring in communications, with a concentration in journalism and editing. Since I have such a huge interest in communications, my guidance counselor, Akunna Rosser, decided to give me the opportunity to work this summer with Lisa Link, web services, and Colleen Locke, communications, on a blog about the summer youth programs at UMass Boston. My goal this summer is to have a fully functioning blog, which will serve as a prime example for future blogs to come.

Since the blog primarily focuses on the youth summer programs, I thought it was a great idea to share my own story about my experience with one of the youth programs, Urban Scholars. I started Urban Scholars when I was in the sixth grade, at the young age of 12. I had just immigrated from Barbados, and was experiencing trouble fitting in at school. I hardly understood “American” customs, which led to me being heavily bullied. Also, I was experiencing financial problems at home so I desperately needed an escape.

I found that escape in the form of Urban Scholars. I was chosen by my middle school to join Urban Scholars because of my good grades. Initially, I decided to join because of the idea of being paid to learn and to have fun. However, every year I stayed at Urban Scholars, and I know now it was because I had truly fallen in love with the program.

My absolute favorite part of the program was the summer portion of it. It was a very interesting time because I learned so much; when I returned to regular school in the fall, I was ahead of my class. I also took part in activities, which I probably would not have done if I were in regular school. For example, I took part in sports even though I am athletically deficient. Urban Scholars helped me to break free of my shell, experience cultural diversity, and to explore foreign things.

Urban Scholars was the place I built my philosophy. It helped me to see the world with brand new eyes, while at the same time having tons of fun. The unorthodox classes, welcoming vibe, and entertaining activities helped me to become the student/person I am today. And the person I am today is pretty compelling. I am on my way to Saint Michael’s College, a small liberal arts college in Colchester, Vermont. I graduated in the top ten percent of my class and I have big goals for the future. I owe a huge debt to Urban Scholars, mainly for helping me discover a huge chunk of my identity and for helping me accomplish so much at such a young age.