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Diversity Month Workshops: Empowering Diverse Students Conquer Career Planning, October 2020

The Office of Career Services and Internships is sponsoring several workshops in October for UMass Boston students:

Becoming Successful as a First Gen Student- Career Planning and Conversations
This workshop allows for first generation college students to discuss challenges and successes. The unique experiences and how to engage in career planning and building a supportive network. Join us for this conversation and leave with tangible ideas of what you can do to achieve success.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in networking, job search and workplace
This workshop will highlight the value of confidence during job searches and networking, and will discuss imposter syndrome (feeling not “good enough” despite being qualified).

Who is a mentor/sponsor? This workshop is designed to help students understand the value and relevance of having a mentor in their career path. Students will also learn characteristics of a good mentor as well as how to be good mentees. They will be able to identify factors relevant for consideration in choosing a mentor and strategies for dealing with barriers in finding a good mentor. In addition students will also learn the difference between a mentor and sponsor.

Alumni/faculty/staff panel-would highlight the experiences of LGBTQ members in the workplace. The conversation allows for students to ask questions and engage with the panel on their successes and how they rise above challenges.

For more information, contact Adesuwa Igbineweka, Career Services and Employer Relations Specialist at the Office of Career Services and Internships at Adesuwa.igbineweka@umb.edu.

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