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243 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02114


Clinical Exploratory Program
The Clinical Exploratory Program was developed to offer a wholesome experience to our undergraduate student volunteers. It is divided into two semesters followed by a final clinical experience.
 To serve our community of patients, families and visitors
 To educate students about the culture of working in a hospital
 To provide a wholesome experience to our student volunteers that would help them make a decision about their careers
Volunteers are assigned to the Specimen Transport/Front Greeter Role. This role will teach them how to interact with patients more effectively. Volunteers will also learn about the geography of MEEI. If this role is not available, the manager will decide what placement would be appropriate based on availability and patient needs.
Volunteers are assigned to a role in an outpatient or inpatient unit, allowing them to see a different side of the hospital experience. Placements will be based on availability and current needs.
Volunteers end the program by choosing a final experience. It could be shadowing an anesthesiologist (may include observing in the Operating Room), observe at one of our labs, or observe in the OR. Volunteers may also be paired with one of our physicians for a shadowing experience. Placements will be based on seniority, scheduling and availability.
 Must be a full time student in a healthcare career path
 Must be 18 years or older
 Must volunteer during the school year, not solely during breaks
 Must complete at least 10 months of volunteering
 Weekends/evenings not allowed during the first semester, and very limited during the second semester
*****The order of assignments may vary based on availability
*****The start and end date is subject to change based on requirements and training dates

Specimen Transport/Front Desk Greeter and Escort
DESCRIPTION: The Main Front Desk in the Lobby at 243 Charles Street. Hundreds of patients and visitors pass through the lobby daily many of them need assistance finding their way or assistance getting to their destination. Working with the Front Desk staff, volunteers provide information and escort assistance as needed. Some selected volunteers will also take part of the Specimen Transport initiative. This group of volunteers will receive additional training.
SHIFTS: Monday through Friday (7a-9a) (9a-12p) (12p-3p/4p)

11TH Floor (Adult Floor) Volunteer Assistant
DESCRIPTION: The 11th floor is an inpatient floor for the adults to stay overnight for post-operative treatment and the subsequent patient discharge. The volunteer assist the staff with various clerical task and patient assistance tasks.
SHIFTS: Monday-Friday, 3-4 hour shifts, 1-3 times per week, during clinic-specific busiest hours

Day Surgery Volunteer
DESCRIPTION: The Surgicenter is located on the 6th floor and caters to patients who will be going home after surgery. It is an active environment where alertness and hygiene is essential. The volunteers assist the staff in checking patients in for surgery as well as preparing patients for surgery and helping patients after surgery to help them get ready to go home.
SHIFTS: Monday-Friday, 3-4 hour shift, 9am–1pm, 12:30pm-4:20pm, 4:00pm- 7pm

Occupational Health Volunteer
DESCRIPTION: Occupational Health Office is an active office environment, with employees, volunteers and new hires frequenting the office. The Occupational Health Service provides health screenings for all new employees and students and volunteers. The Service also provides Flu shots and monitors other health issues. Occupational Health Service also follows all accidents and emergencies that happen at the Mass Eye and Ear.
SHIFTS: Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-3:00 pm

Inpatient Pediatric Volunteer (6 Month Commitment)
DESCRIPTION: The 10th floor is an inpatient pediatric floor where families and patients spend some quality healing time at Mass Eye and Ear. The team of Child Life Specialists and nurses strive to make this a warm and welcoming unit. Volunteers offer support and assistance to CLS and offer care and support to the patients and family members. Extensive experience with children a most.
SHIFTS: Monday-Friday, 7:00 am – 11:00 am, 11:00am – 3:00 pm, 3:00 pm – 6:00pm

Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs) Volunteer
DESCRIPTION: Volunteers work in the Laryngology Center under the supervision of Dr. Phillip Song. Volunteers will help to distribute and collect iPads used to administer PROMs surveys. To help patients navigate the iPad interface to complete PROMs surveys and to inform patient care by making patient feedback available to providers during visit.
SHIFTS: Monday-Friday, 3-4 hour shifts, 1-3 times per week, during clinic-specific busiest hours
Coming soon…
 Emergency Department Volunteer
 Vision Rehab
 Infection Control Volunteer

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