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Now on the Bus


Icelandair did let the 421 on. They did not even charge us much. Now we need to get it to the north of Iceland. It is too big to fit in the wagon we have rented. Therefore, I am taking the bus, so I have some time.

We are testing the Dualem 421 out in a bunch of different places. ( We are also trying the CMD mini-explorer ( but that is a much smaller piece. In particular we are testing these at the lower Seyla churchyard.


Author: John Steinberg

Dr. John Steinberg has been a Research Scientist at the Fiske Center since 2006. He received his PhD in Anthropology from UCLA in 1997. Before coming to UMass Boston, John taught at UCLA and California State University Northridge. He is interested in the economic problems of colonization, both in New England and across the North Atlantic. He uses GIS and shallow geophysics to study settlement patterns to understand broad trends over the landscape. In addition to John's New England work, he has been studying the settlement patterns of Viking Age Iceland. John is the director of the Digital Archaeology Laboratory at the Fiske Center.

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