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October 28, 2011
by John Steinberg

Preliminary Report on Greenland

Front Page

Front Page

We recently put up our preliminary report from our 2010 experimental season in Greenland.  The title is “Evaluating the Potential of Archaeogeophysical Surveying on Viking Age and Medieval Sites in Greenland. October 2011” and it is Cultural Resource Management Study No. 51.  Many of the Fiske Center’s reports can be found on our Reports and Publications page.  The report is by Douglas J. Bolender, John M. Steinberg, Brian N. Damiata, John W. Schoenfelder, and Kathryn Caitlin.

To sum up. our preliminary investigation suggests that archaeogeophysics will be hard pressed to identify buried Viking Age turf walls that do not have stone foundations.  We have found that both magnetometry and the in-phase component of electromagnetics are well suited to identify buried Viking Age stone foundations and other important cultural features and that GPR is effective for identifying Viking Age Christian graves.

John Steinberg

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