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Resources and Handouts

Below is a list of resources that can be viewed as Adobe .pdf files. (You can download Adobe Reader for free by going to Adobe's site at It is usually helpful to print your own copy of the resources that you use often, and to annotate the them so that they are especially useful for you and your own study habits. You may save and/or print copies of complete (not partial) documents for non-commerial purposes, if you include attribution. These documents are authored by Academic Support Program's Reading, Writing, and Study Strategies Center and/or Graduate Writing Center .

Critical Reading Questions
"Patterns of Organization"
Evaluating Information from the Mass Media

Writing Process
Reader-Friendly Essay
Signal & Transition Words
Signal Words & Expressions
Verbs to Introduce Quotations
Types of Papers
Citing Sources Primer
Writing a Thesis Statement (New!)
(also see the materials on Essay Exam questions, below).
Using sources
Understanding Lab Report Sections (New!)

Time Management and Study Habits:
Time Management Goals
Weekly Planner
Assessment of Academic Work Habits
Strategize your assignment

Note Taking:
Active Listening
NTTKG-Notetaking (Coming Soon)

Exam Prep and Test Taking:
Exam Preparation Strategies Self-Inventory
Multiple Choice Questions
Organizing Essay Answers
Test Taking Analysis


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