Psych350 Learning and Memory

An exploration of how humans acquire and remember new information, associations and skills with Professor Vivian Ciaramitaro

Understanding Gambling Addiction with Operant Behaviorism


From the Clinical Perspective of Instrumental Learning we have learned about the brain reinforcement system and its key role in our survival instinct. Ex: satisfying primary reinforces such as water, food etc. As previously discussed in class our reinforcement can go awry. Past understanding of the classical conditioning and operant conditioning process could help us understand some of the ways in which the reinforcement system can fail. Ex: drug addiction, which is considered a pathological addiction, maintaining the habit despite its consequences. In contrast in behavioral addiction individuals attain positive and negative reinforcement through behaviors. Gambling was one of the examples used to illustrate this type of addiction. Below there is a link redirected to a research study to understand gambling addiction in relation with operant behaviorism.

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