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March 10, 2016
by phillip_tran

Interview: My father

Background: My father was born an Orphan in Vietnam during the war with the United States. He had to work factory jobs and on farms when he was young in order to feed himself. He met my mother while working on these farms and eventually had my oldest sister. Both of them worked together in order to save up just enough to move to America so our family could have more opportunity. From there my father started his own, eventually successful hardwood floor company as his source of income for the family.

My father stated that in his journey to America ” I had to leave behind a piece of my past in order for my future” when it came to his family in Vietnam.

Regarding change in someone’s journey, my father said ” When you experience change, you either embrace it or run from it”

When asked about how he perceived people, he told me ” You need to have openness in how you see things to be successful”

Lastly, when questioned what his most important thing learned on his journey, he said ” Generosity pays off in that the person who is receiving will be inclined to eventually be the person giving instead of receiving”


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