OS X After patching shellshock, Xquartz fails + sh: line 6: `BASH_FUNC_rvm_debug%%’: not a valid identifier

After patching my /bin/bash with https://shellshocker.net/ scripts, I noticed some odd things.

When I did an ssh -X, I would see this:

sh: line 6: `BASH_FUNC_rvm_debug%%': not a valid identifier

Then X would start up after performing an X app, and I would get this in XQuartz:

"failed to activate core devices"

Then, quartz would repeatedly try to start and fail. you may have checked your ~/Library/Logs/X11 to see a problem like “failed to compile keymap”

The solution is simple:

The problem arises from using ruby rvm. just do a

rvm get latest

and it will “get used to” the new bash and X will work again :)

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