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Professor Maria Ivanova Served as Chair of Jury for a $5 million Global Challenges Foundation competition


Professor Maria Ivanova served as Chair of the 9-member jury for the $5 million New Shape Prize by the Global Challenges Foundation. The prize was an open call to find new models for global cooperation to tackle global risks. The competition received over 2,700 proposals from 122 countries in all six UN languages. The jury selected three proposals.

In an interview with the Global Challenges Foundation, Ivanova explained, “The global governance landscape today is a more complex one than the one we had before. It includes intergovernmental organizations, the United Nations as the anchor, governments who are the main agents in those organizations. It also includes all the nongovernmental actors – NGOs, businesses, and others in that space. But what is qualitatively different is that today, the global governance space also includes individuals, citizens, you and me and others who have opinions who have calls for action in that global governance space.”

The video of the New Shape Forum award ceremony can be viewed here.

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