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Long-Term Supports & Services Center Analyzes Senior Demographic Profiles for National Councils on Aging


The post originally appeared on the Gerontology Institute blog.

The LeadingAge Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Center @UMass Boston is conducting research to help the National Councils on Aging (NCOA) develop a deeper understanding of older adults it serves by analyzing their economic and demographic profiles.

NCOA asked the LTSS center to develop a series of profiles of non-institutionalized older adults and use them to separate seniors into several segments. In particular, it wants to better understand a part of the senior population not often served by its programs and services – middle-income older adults.

“I think our analyses will provide new information to help NCOA target its programs to those people at risk for having to make major retirement-related adjustments to their standard of living,” said Marc Cohen, co-director of the LTSS center. “That information can enable NCOA to help these people better prepare themselves in advance.” Continue reading.

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