Want to Make Finding Full Text Articles Easier? Download the Lean Library Browser Extension

jstor.org page with the Get Access Lean Library Pop-up appearing on the top right. The pop-up has a Get Access button.
Lean Library is a browser extension that provides quick and simple access to Library-subscribed full-text content – whenever, wherever you need it. When you’re on a website that contains library-subscribed content, the browser extension will notify you with a pop-up alert in the bookmarks bar that library access exists. The pop-up will provide you with the Get Access button to prompt you to authenticate with your UMass Boston login. If we do not have full-text access, then the extension will provide a link to InterLibrary Loan.

You don’t have to interrupt your workflow to find Healey Library; Healey Library will find you! Download the extension, select University of Massachusetts Boston, and start browsing for articles!

Here are some other ways Lean Library can help:

Find alternative access to articles and ebooks. If there is no access to the article or book through the current site, Lean Library helps find alternative access in another Healey Library-licensed resource or through open access channels. For books, Lean Library will take the ISBN on a page and match it up to our library holdings. This also works with Amazon, Google, and Outlook (web)!

Improved Google Scholar experience
You will notice our Find It@UMBrella links appearing beside some full text. Run a search – engineering education for women- in Google Scholar to test it out. Without Lean Library, you will have to go through Google’s multi-step Library Links set-up.

Highlight & Search in UMBrella
With Lean Library, you can highlight any text on a webpage and search it in UMBrella. Do this by using the context menu of your browser, i.e. by right-clicking on a webpage. Select the Search UMBrella @ Healey Library option from the menu.

For even more information about Lean Library, including FAQs, please visit our Lean Library Guide.

2 thoughts on “Want to Make Finding Full Text Articles Easier? Download the Lean Library Browser Extension”

  1. Any news on if the issues that resulted in a 2 star review have been fixed? I could use the extension, but reviewers say that it overloads their CPU and paralyzes Chrome.

    1. Thank you for the comment, Amanda! The reviews reporting Chrome issues are definitely disconcerting. I’ve reached out to Lean Library about this. Their support folks have reported that they’ve been making some improvements over the past months. They mentioned that the CPU performance is heavily down to the computer capacity, internet speed or the usage of the browser: article about the minimal requirements for the Lean Library Extension

      I have not yet received any reports of CPU performance issues on Chrome, and I’ve also being using it on Chrome since earlier this year with no issues with Chrome freezing up. If you run into any issues, please don’t hesitate to let Healey Library know so we can work with the Lean Library tech folks to have them addressed!! Lean Library is provided by the academic publisher, Sage Publishing, and they’re actively developing and improving the extension all the time.

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