Reserves 101 : Tips and commonly asked questions.

reserve_thumb2We are now four weeks into the semester and the bulk of reserves processing has been completed, snow closures and all! However, there are a few things that may not be immediately obvious about how reserves are handled at UMass Boston if you’re a new faculty member.   With that in mind, here are few tips related to reserves.

Textbooks and other physical resources
Faculty members may add resources from the existing library collection or request their purchase for reserves use. It’s also an option to place a personal copy of a book or film on reserve for students to use in the library for up to three hours.  We do not  purchase from materials lists forwarded to the campus bookstore; we add materials at your request. Please speak with the reserves departments about your course needs before sending students to the library to look for materials. Once ordered, books and DVDs can take 1-2 weeks to arrive and be made available to students.

The Reserves Department can create a reading list of electronic materials for your courses. This includes articles from journals, links to websites, eBooks owned by Healey Library, and scanned book chapters or excerpts. If your reading list is very long, please be aware that it can 1-2 weeks to add these readings depending on when you submit your request. There are a few things you can do to speed up the process, and these preparations are greatly appreciated! Always include a full bibliography, preferably in electronic format (word doc via email, email, etc.). A syllabus is perfect, especially if readings are due by a certain date. If you have the electronic files already, email them! Also give us a password your students will need to use to access the course material.

End/beginning of semester reserves procedures
Materials are not automatically carried over from semester to semester.   We make every effort to contact faculty after finals week to determine whether to keep materials on reserve for the following semester. If we do not receive a response, materials will be returned to the circulating library collection and personal copies will be returned to you.

Similarly, eReserves will expire at the end of each semester. Persistent links to course reserves pages will no longer be valid, and the course will not be found on the Docutek page. To make a previously taught course available, faculty should contact the reserves department to re-activate a course, and include a new preferred password. This means you will need to update your syllabus and any other web reference that makes use of the previous semester’s eReserves information.

After hours drop-off?
No problem!  You can fill out a reserve request form at the 2nd floor circulation desk and it will be reviewed the following day.

If you have questions, please feel free to drop by the reserves office located on the Fourth Floor of Healey Library, across from the reference desk.  As a relatively new member of the library, I’m always happy to meet faculty!

Jenny Moyryla
Digital Course Content Management & Course Reserves Librarian

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