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A new book chapter lead by Dr. Carilli is now out: “Historical Contaminant Records from Sclerochronological Archives” in the book Environmental Contaminants: Using natural archives to track sources and long-term trends of pollution.

In this chapter, we discuss using skeletal archives from hard and proteinaceous corals, bivalves, coralline algae, and sclerosponges to reconstruct contaminants introduced into the oceans and atmosphere – usually at annual or better resolution. We cover general physiology of these organisms and how they incorporate contaminant records, what has been done so far, and where we see potential for future expansion of work in this field.

This new book is written at a textbook level, and the table of contents is available here:

Feel free to contact me for a .pdf copy of our chapter!

Here’s a really bad-quality preview of Figure 1, a map showing the location of the various published sclerochronological contaminant records we discuss in the chapter:

map sclero records



About Jessica Carilli

Jessica Carilli is an Assistant Professor at UMass Boston, where she studies human impacts on the coastal environment.
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