Carol Sharicz, a Practitioner-Professor

Joins the Instructional Design Faculty as Instructor for INSDSG-604- Communication Theory for Organizations

When you speak with Carol Sharicz, it is evident that she is passionate about providing students with tools that are immediately relevant to their carolshariczcurrent work environments.  “When I switched from working in industry to academia, I promised myself never to teach without doing” explains Carol. “I feel it’s necessary that I put theory into practice in my own work, so I can provide my students with practical tools and implementation strategies.”  In 604, students will be encouraged to apply the different communication tools they are learning to themselves, the groups they are involved in and their organizations.  The students’ work will culminate in an action learning assignment where they will develop strategies for overcoming a targeted communication challenge in their own organizations.

Carol has a wealth of experience in instructional design, organization development and training.  While Senior Instructional Designer for Motorola, she created their leadership development program. She also re-designed and expanded the Suffolk University Adult and Continuing Education program.  She currently works as a consultant for various corporations, municipalities and non-profits. “I am so excited to join the community of learners in the Instructional Design Graduate Program at UMass,” Carol explains.  “I look forward to creating an engaging and fun learning environment in partnership with the students.”

Like her predecessor, retired professor of 604 Bill Braun, Carol’s research focuses on systems thinking, leadership and learning communities.  “Bill was a great help to me.  He spoke with me, shared his insights and passed on articles.”