Jack Whitacre

Jack Whitacre: A book worm and ocean enthusiast, Jack grew up in Freeport, Maine building rafts and racing horseshoe crabs along a tidal river. Jack has captained boats and is currently working with a start-up team to turn fishing vessels in data collectors. He spent two years working a DARPA de-escalation project and volunteered as a community mediator. At The Fletcher School Jack concentrated in maritime studies and security studies to learn about globalization, the environment, and diplomacy. He has traveled to Iceland several times for the annual Arctic Circle Conference and lived in Reykjavik for a month with the Institute for Global Leadership to learn about Iceland’s Ocean Cluster Model. Jack aspires to be a writer, teacher, and community leader. He wrote an environmental chapter on the Law of the Sea for the U.S. Congress, several articles related to fisheries and blue tech, and received the Sarah Scaife Frank Rockwell Barnett Memorial Grant in International Security Studies in 2016.
See Jack’s publications on his Academia website.