Candace Famiglietti

Candace Famiglietti is a PhD student in the Global Governance and Human Security program at UMass Boston. She is also co-founder of EbenGroup, a social enterprise whose mission is to promote sustainable social and economic development in war-torn countries through peace-based education. She earned her MS in International Studies with a focus in International Human Development, Society, and Education graduating with honors at Oklahoma State University, as well as her BS in Finance with a minor in International Business. With an objective to assuage the effects of climate change, ethnic conflict and promote peace for future generations, Candace’s interests lie in the relationship between human identities and the environment, as well as the underlying psychological mechanisms within sociocultural systems that lead to economic exclusion, ethnic conflict, and environmental degradation. Candace’s interests also include grassroots conflict resolution systems design, intergenerational transmission of ethnic-based trauma and behavioral patterns, ecofeminism, and indigenous politics, specifically relating to sustainable development and ecosystem resilience.