Anders Corbett

Anders Corbett always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, who was a naturalist. Before finishing a BA in History and spending 2 years working at the Brooks Brothers store in Chestnut Hill Mall in Boston, Anders was a resident athlete at the US Olympic Training Center, training 8 hours a day for the World Championships. Anders sailed 200 miles off the US coastline on a 40ft hand-made schooner. The boat builder, Charles “Stormy” Mayo (70) and Anders sailed the length of the US east coast for two weeks; which Anders describes as “the most exhilarating and miserable experience of my life.” When he arrived in Boston, Anders was determined to learn about genomics and in that way, get back to his dream of following in his grandfather’s footsteps. He was admitted to work at a genomics Lab at Harvard Medical School with postdocs on developing new methods to edit human stem cell genomes, and with others on sequencing the microbiome’s of elite athletes, learning advanced genomics from some of the most fundamentally sound geneticists on the planet. Anders wants to further develop his knowledge as a PhD student at UMass Boston.