Nichole Weber

Nichole Weber holds a Master of Arts degree in Sociology from New Mexico State University (NMSU) with a minor in Government. Most recently, Nichole worked as a research assistant in public policy at the Center for Public Policy at the University of Utah where she helped design and implement various applied research projects, such as economic impact surveys and the efficacy of household alternative energy installations. While in Washington State, Nichole worked in environmental cleanup programs and environmental youth education programs. Her experience extends to international volunteer work in Ecuador where she worked for a nongovernment organization and reforestation project in the Galapagos. Nichole’s interests include community responses to environmental issues and the solutions facilitated through policy, organizations, industry, and community engagement and extend to specific industries, such as agriculture, water scarcity or contamination. Nichole plans to continue exploring the discourse around environmental issues and policy at UMass Boston.

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