Connor Capizzano

Connor Capizzano’s current research interests reside with fisheries science, particularly assessing the fate of released fish (i.e. discard mortality) and its implications on both fisheries management and invested stakeholders. Connor is also interested in the physiological and behavioral responses of fish to stress from such fishing events and how they influence discard mortality. In order to provide accurate and novel estimates of discard mortality for a specific fishery, he emphasizes the use of emerging technologies and techniques. Connor is further interested in exploring angling perceptions of the recreational fishing community as they influence specific aspects of capture and handling that can also affect mortality. He is also fascinated in the use of new technologies for interpreting life history and behavioral traits for a variety of marine animals. During his Master’s degree, Connor frequently participated in domestic academic conferences, international workshops, educational outreach, undergraduate mentoring, and lectures and seminars of visiting researchers. Due to his recent experience with the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea’s (ICES) Workshop for Estimating Discard Survival (WKMEDS) in Copenhagen, Denmark, Connor is a large proponent of international collaboration.

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