Thomas Dimino

Thomas Dimino is an IGERT fellow and environmental biology PhD student in the Freshwater Ecology Lab at UMass Boston. His research interests include population genetics, restoration ecology, and effects of anthropogenic impacts on freshwater systems. Currently, Dimino is investigating the effect of restoration of agricultural land on the genetic diversity of fish and mussel communities in southeastern Massachusetts. He is hoping that this research shows whether or not restoration of freshwater systems can be used as a strategy to increase genetic diversity in highly impacted systems. In the past, Dimino has worked in the environmental field cleaning oil spills and hazardous waste removal from coastal wetlands. As an Americorps volunteer, he worked in the Mojave Desert doing environmental restoration from urban sprawl. He has also done previous research that looked at the effect of land use on macroinvertebrate communities in an urban watershed. Dimino received his BS in biology from UMass Boston in 2013.

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