Patrick Sheldon

Patrick Sheldon is a first-year PhD student in the School for the Environment at the University of Massachusetts Boston. As an undergraduate, he interned for Beyond Benign, a nonprofit of the Warner Babcock Institute involved with green chemistry outreach at K-12 schools in the greater Boston area. His masters at the University of Maine (Dec. 2014) focused on interactions of organic pollutants (mainly endocrine disruptors and antibiotics) and Dissolved Organic Matter using fluorescent detection methods. Currently, he is focused on monitoring the Boston Harbor using satellite imagery. Because of a 1991 lawsuit, an extensive water quality data sets exists for the past 20+ years. He hopes to demonstrate the use of Landsat-scale imagery for past and future water quality monitoring efforts in Boston Harbor. The IGERT associate fellowship interested him as a means to formally integrate policy, economics, and social impacts into natural science research.

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