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 Hi, graduate faculty,

The Graduate Writing Center closed at the end of SUMMER, 2022.

New resources include the

Center for Academic Excellence–academic workshops, academic coaching, and more, including sessions on time-management and success. Visits to classes or/and graduate programs are available.  Please contact and/or to learn more.

Writing Center–“We’re the university-wide Writing Center. We provide free services for undergraduate and graduate students to support their academic and professional writing at any stage of the writing process.” Please contact to learn more.

If you have questions about how to access these new resources, please email or

Thank you for working with us during the past two decades.  :)

Question: May I still use the handouts, lists, and resources on this weblog? Answer: Yes! Click the “Resources & Handouts” tab and/or the Tutor-Curated Resources tab!


Archive begins below . . . .

GWC writing sessions — in-class visits —  program visits

Tutors facilitate in-class writing strategy sessions for graduate courses, at faculty invitation and with faculty collaboration. Session topics might include Time Management and the Graduate Paper Writing Process, Writing and Researching Simultaneously, or Cite/Write/Right. Tutors work with faculty to customize the general graduate study strategies to the particular course assignments and expectations.

The GWC can also work with your program to schedule and provide a graduate program-wide writing session or series.

Professors and Graduate Program Directors may request that the GWC visit classes, department meetings, and/or graduate program orientations to provide brief introductions to GWC services.

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