The Graduate Writing Center (GWC)

 Hi, GWC students, YES, we are open for tutoring for Spring, 2022!!  Please choose the In-person Courses tab, or the Remote/Online courses tab, above, as appropriate, for FAQs, registration, and scheduling information.

More Spring 2022 GWC information and event flyers will be available during the early part of the Spring 2022 semester.

GWC Open for 1-1 Tutoring, Fall 2021
Graduate Writing Center Tutoring is available in-person for in-person courses and remotely for remote/online courses during Spring 22
GWC Open for 1-1 Tutoring, Fall 2020
Graduate Writing Center workshops, writing labs, and strategy sessions are available in a mix of remote/synchronous and in-person sessions during Spring 22.

Academic Support Programs, UMass Boston   |    CC-1st floor-1300 617-287-6550   |   |   Follow @GWC_ASP_UMB

The Graduate Writing Center (GWC) has supported student success in UMass Boston masters’, graduate certificate, and doctoral programs since 1998. The GWC offers multiple services, allowing engagement at many levels—from students who access multiple forms of GWC support each week throughout their graduate careers to students who make visits to drop-in sessions during key points in their writing courses. The GWC also collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to create customized and innovative support for specific courses, programs, and graduate student groups.

GWC services for students include:
• In-person 1-1 tutoring for students completing In-person UMass Boston graduate courses
• Remote 1-1 tutoring for students in remote/online UMass Boston  graduate courses
• Drop-in writing sessions, including weekly small-group writing consultations
• Support for student-founded Writing Support Groups and SPACE for dissertation, capstone, and thesis writers
• GWC resources and handouts

GWC services for faculty or by faculty request include:
• In-class writing session visits for on-campus graduate courses, programs, and/or graduate orientations
• Online Graduate Writing Tutoring virtual visits/sessions for online graduate courses
• Instructional support

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