Please take a few moments to review the expectations for being a member of a Living-Learning Community at UMass Boston:

  • Select a room on the floor that houses the Green Planet Living-Learning Community.

  • Be an engaged and active member of my community for the full academic year.

  • Attend and participate in the annual Kick-Off Event hosted for my LLC. (A formal invitation will be given to you during your scheduled Move-In day/time informing you of the time and location of the Kick-Off Event.)

  • Attend and participate in at least three programs each semester hosted by my LLC Resident Advisor(s) or Faculty Partners.

  • Behave in a professional and mature manner, and respect Faculty, Academic Partners, Residence Life Staff, as well as my fellow community members.


If you commit to joining the Green Planet Community, you’ll be exposed to advantages such as:

  • Early room selection

  • A First Year Seminar course to help expand your understanding of sustainability issues and what you can do to help

  • Developing personal relationships with Faculty and Community leaders at UMass Boston

  • Exposure to specialized residence programming that will support your university transition and passion for sustainability