Productivity is defined as the efficient use of resources in the production of various goods and services. Higher productivity means accomplishing more with the same amount of resources or achieving higher output in terms of volume and quality from the same input. The pressure to execute is more prevalent than ever before.

Many of us translate being productive into the need to keep moving; in perpetuity. As this idea is perpetuated by social media and competitive professional arenas, many find themselves busy for the wrong reasons. Research indicates that only 26% of people often leave the office having accomplished the tasks they set out to do.  People may feel productive due to the level of activity, yet they aren’t truly making much headway.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, the best way to increase productivity is to infuse your schedule with balance so that when the time comes to work, you are fresh and ready to go, rather than feeling overly stressed or anxious. 

We encourage you to continue to fill your toolbox with skills that support the opportunities to work smarter, not harder.