MBAMKT 682 Digital Marketing

Professor Ronald Vining


Applies to meet MBA elective, specialization in Digital Marketing


Emphasis on Hands-On Application

Learn how-to:

Attract, Engage, Convert & Retain Customers through the Curation, Creation & Distribution of Compelling Content across paid and organic Digital Marketing Channels to achieve Social Growth through Brand Storytelling, Thought Leadership, Influencer & Community Management.


Emphasis on Content

Learn nuances and best practices of:

Social Networks and Messaging Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, WeChat and WhatsApp for distribution of content such as Blogs, EDM, Games, Infographics, Memes, Photographs, Posts, PPT, Reviews and Video.


Emphasis on Channels

Learn ideal employment of:

Digital Marketing Tools such as Email, Web Sites, eCommerce, Blogs, Social Networks, Messaging, Streaming, Augmented and Virtual Reality along with Mobile variants of each.


Emphasis on Tools

Learn optimal navigation of key forces:

Search, Big Data, Personalization, Blockchain, Automation, Artificial Intelligence and how to avoid being lost in a sea of Media Oversaturation by exploring Surveillance Capitalism, Digital Darwinism, Privacy and Censorship.

Emphasis on Digital Marketing Skills

Learn practical application of:

Omni-Channel Marketing skills required for one to make an immediate and measurable impact on the performance of any firm via hands-on assignments that will make use of Hybrid media tools, comprising the best mix of Traditional & Digital channels and media assets as part of a Content Marketing program.