Course Highlight MBAMS 652 Lean and Six Sigma


 Lean and Six Sigma course

Course Description (Unique Course for Practice)


The goal of this course is to train and engage students through hands-on experience to enhance their skills in performing process improvements and cost-reduction initiatives for real business challenges. The tools, techniques, and philosophies in this course have been used worldwide by best-in-class companies to improve their bottom lines, make them more competitive, and dramatically improve their responsiveness to customers. The aim is not to teach the theory that students may see in courses such as operations management, but rather to emphasize the use of these techniques in manufacturing and service industry.


The course includes small projects, case studies, and training videos from US factories, along with effective problem-solving methodologies, modern quality thinking, process flow analysis, and data analysis techniques to solve real problems in any business.


The materials, techniques, and cases will enhance students’ knowledge and skills to the level of a Six Sigma Green Belt and a Lean Certificate. The course is based on hands-on experience through cases and projects, with the structure of an applied workshop. Students who pass the course with an excellent grade will be strong candidates to join teams for problem solving, operations and process improvement, and Lean and Six Sigma initiatives.


Learning Objectives

  • Introduce the concepts and techniques of Six Sigma, Lean, process improvement, and cost?reduction initiatives in supply chain and business operations (service / manufacturing)
  • Illustrate management science techniques for problem solving in production and service systems
  • Train in how to apply process improvement techniques in a practical manner and solve business challenges

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