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UMass Boston Gerontology Building Academic Relationships in China

UMass Boston Gerontology professors Jeffrey Burr and Jan Mutchler delivered presentations at a conference hosted by China’s Remin University and other organizations early in December. That was not especially big news. But their speeches, as well as social events organized around the… Continue Reading →

UMass Boston Gerontology Contingent Follows Research Projects to South Korea

A small contingent of UMass Boston Gerontology professors and students were simply following their work wherever it led. In this case, it took them nearly 7,000 miles to South Korea. The group included associate professor Kathrin Boerner and assistant professor… Continue Reading →

A Closer Look at Bulgaria’s Aging Population Challenge

By Natalie Pitheckoff Most Americans know very little about Bulgaria. Even fewer are aware of its aging population, which is creating great challenges (and opportunities) across the country. People often hear or read about aging in countries such as China… Continue Reading →

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