The UMass Boston Department of Gerontology is offering undergraduate classes from its bachelor of arts degree program for the summer of 2023. The summer classes include Mental Health and Aging, Health and Physical Aspects of Aging, and Global Aging Field Placement, part of a new aging services paid internship program being launched this summer.

The recently renamed Aging Studies undergraduate program offers a wide range of courses designed to give students greater insight into the challenges and opportunities posed by an aging population

“Our goal is to expose students to using age and aging as a lens for understanding the world,” says Jeffrey Stokes, PhD, director of the program. “There are huge—and growing—opportunities in the field of aging. But beyond that, every field will be affected by the growing population of older adults—from an aging workforce to an aging clientele. Nothing is untouched by these changes in demographics. More than anything, our undergraduate program can offer that gerontological perspective on everything.”

In addition to other undergraduate degree requirements, the aging studies major requires students to complete 36 credits—8 required courses and 4 electives. The program also offers the Frank J. Manning Certificate in Gerontology, which requires a total of 6 courses to complete.

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