A new report prepared by UMass Boston Gerontology Institute researchers on resources for elders and those living with dementia in Massachusetts will no doubt be read far and wide.

How far? Wendy Wang, the lead graduate research assistant on the report prepared for the Tufts Health Plan Foundation, will present the findings at the Chinese Congress and Exposition on Gerontology and Health Industry in Suzhou, China, next month.

Wang had submitted an abstract of the report to the Gerontological Society of America, seeking to represent GSA at the meeting. When the submission was accepted, she became one of just five people selected to represent the society at the event.

The report provides a comprehensive look at current activities and resources in place to support Massachusetts populations over age 65 as well as those living with dementia and their caregivers. It offers recommendations for building age- and dementia-friendly communities, identifies gaps in resources for this growing population and includes strategies to increase those supports.

Wang will present the work in China during the three-day event beginning Sept. 15.

“Wendy is the only student to be selected for this prestigious opportunity,” said associate professor Elizabeth Dugan, who led the institute research team that prepared the report.

“It highlights the importance of the work – and the global interest in dementia-friendly efforts. We are proud to have Wendy represent our research team and the gerontology community at UMass Boston,” Dugan said.