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Community Preservation Coalition Highlights Archaeology


The Community Preservation Coalition has recently highlighted the use of Community Preservation Act funds to support archaeology in Massachusetts. One of their featured projects is our work on Nantucket at the Boston-Higginbotham House, a collaborative undertaking with the Museum of African American History.

Nantucket Artifacts

Read more about it here:

Author: David Landon

Dr. David Landon is the Associate Director of the Fiske Center. He came to UMass Boston in 2000 after nine years at Michigan Technological University, where he was an Associate Professor. He has broad interests in historical and environmental archaeology and issues of colonization, urbanization, and industrialization. He spent a year as a research fellow in the Smithsonian's archaeobiology laboratory and directs the UMass Boston zooarchaeology laboratory. His current research project is funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and focuses on the archaeology of the Plymouth Colony.

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